Access the level of quality of performance in the labs to the global level, Laboratory management which is compatible with the company's vision. professional way and at the level high according to the International Standard ISO ISO17025 laboratories for the year 2005. the most important areas in which the importance of laboratories and its supervisory role is the back area of technical tests, especially in the field of lighting tests.To keep pace with this development had to be necessary to update the company's laboratories where it was standard laboratory equipped with the latest hardware with modern technologies and high efficiency to keep pace with their counterparts in the developed world for the purpose of testing the highest quality to satisfy all customers.


It is a laboratory to establish an integrated system to achieve quality policy and that leads to the achievement of the objectives of the lab is to offer Tests in the laboratory with the highest quality service and this system includes achieve quality in all lab activities including covers Quality requirements elements according to specifications. The laboratory work and electrical engineering tests on test samples according to international standards and local or any special customer specifications.


Photometric Test

This test covers general requirements for the photometry of luminaires which are considered to be applicable to most types of luminaire.

Enclosure Protection Closses

Protected against jets of water from all directions Protected against solid bodies larger than 12 mm (eg : finger)

System Multimeter

It is taking a direct reading of voltage, current, consumer watts, the power factor of the device. .


Make sure that there is no break isolation in the event of a high voltage to 500 volts DC It uses this test complying with IEC - 598-1, paragraph 10.2.1.